MSW Sorting Line

The process of MSW sorting line (Zero Landfill Process )

Preshredder---Trommel---Air Seperator---RDF shredder---RDF Pellet Mill.
Organic Waste---Dryer---RDF Pellet Mill.
   Use the preshredder as bag opening for MSW, so the manual sorting will function well.
   Trommel will seperate the organic waste from RDF, after that the organic waste can be dried individually.
3.Air Seperator
  Air Seperator will seperate the Rigid plastic or rocks, big size of non metals, etc so the RDF material can be feeded into the secondary shredder for further process.
4.RDF Shredder
  Reduce the size from 200mm to 50mm, so the RDF can be pelletized.
5.Pellet Mill.
  Continue to reduce the size of RDF into pellets so the heat value can be higher.
  The the RDF pellets can be co-fired in the Rotary Kilns in Power plant or Cement Industry. 


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