The national carbon market is about to set sail, optimistic about the industry opportunities brought by CCER

Core View: Build a market-based emission reduction mechanism of “quota + voluntary emission reductions”. Carbon allowance trading: mainly free allowances, and paid allocation will be introduced in due course; CCER, as a supplementary mechanism to the carbon trading market, can also attract more entities to actively reduce emissions and participate in the carbon market. It is estimated that after the eight key energy-consuming industries are included in the carbon market in the future, the carbon allowance trading market will reach 300 billion yuan and the CCER market will reach 30 billion yuan.

The carbon reduction effect of waste incineration is significant, and companies are expected to increase their performance through carbon trading. The structure of waste treatment during the 14th Five-Year Plan will continue to be optimized, and the capacity of incineration of domestic waste in the central and western regions is expected to be further improved. According to calculations, when the CCER transaction price is 30 yuan/ton, the electricity sales revenue of waste incineration power generation companies can increase by 4.1%.

Landfill gas utilization rate is low, and CCER contributes additional revenue. The 13th Five-Year Plan for National Rural Biogas Development states that by 2020, the total biogas output will reach 20.7 billion cubic meters. At present, the main source of biogas power generation in my country is landfill gas, and the resource utilization rate is low. With the vigorous development of the organic waste disposal market, the market for biogas resource utilization is expected to accelerate its development. According to calculations, when the CCER transaction price is 30 yuan/ton, landfill gas power generation companies can increase their electricity sales revenue by 25%.

Forestry carbon sinks will welcome a trading boom. The policy of increasing forest area by economic means has been implemented in many countries. This means that companies under pressure to reduce carbon do not need to plant trees and afforest themselves, and purchase carbon sinks to achieve carbon reduction; it also means that afforestation and maintenance of forest systems can be achieved. Organizations and individuals can benefit by selling carbon sinks. According to calculations, when the transaction price of CCER is 30 yuan/ton, the income per hectare of forest land will increase by 150-450 yuan/year.

Post time: Jul-16-2021

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