SUEZ Advanced Solutions sets up in Poland a pilot FlocFormer for sludge drying

SUEZ Advanced Solutions set up a pilot FlocFormer in Poland. This technology is to optimize sludge drying systems through advanced floc preparation.
This action was carried out in collaboration with Aquen, a partner of SUEZ and supplier of innovative solutions to improve sludge drying. It lasted two weeks and was performed in a wastewater treatment plant of Dąbrowa Górnicza, a city of 130,000 inhabitants in the south of Poland.
The aim of these tests was to demonstrate the improvement in the efficiency of the existing drying process, based on a belt filter press. In particular, during the pilot test, the resultant dry solid increased from 19% to 22%, representing a considerable saving in sludge management costs.
Heliantis™ transforms any type of dewatered sludge (15% minimum dry content) into a dry, granulated product with a dry-solids content that can be adjusted within a range of 35% to 85%. Using the sun as the main energy source, the sludge is dried in a greenhouse and a scarifiying machine turns over and breaks up the sludge into carbon-neutral and odorless granules, for eventual agricultural reuse or thermal energy production using co-incineration.
How It Works
• Dewatered sludge is brought directly to the greenhouse as it is produced;
• The rotary scarifier repeatedly turns the sludge, breaking it into granules and gradually moving it forward to the exit;
• As the sludge bed is heated by the sun, the water it contains evaporates;
• The moist air is evacuated to maintain optimum moisture levels in the greenhouse

Post time: Jan-19-2022

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