JFE Engineering Receives Order for Sludge Treatment Plant

JFE Engineering Receives Order for Sludge Treatment Plant at Iriezaki General Sludge Center from Kawasaki City ― Introduction of Energy-Creation Type Sludge Incinerator Contributing to a Carbon Neutral Society

JFE Engineering Corporation has been awarded the order for a sewage sludge treatment system renewal and expansion project by Kawasaki City, and will construct a JFE Sewage Sludge Incineration System with Power Generation named OdySSEA, which is the first commercialized plant in Japan that employs a fluidized bed incineration system in combination with power generation. JFE worked with public sector organizations including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and Kawasaki City to develop OdySSEA since it was approved as a B-Dash technology subsidized by the Japanese Government in FY2017.

 JFE Engineering successfully completed a High Efficiency Turbine System that enables OdySSEA to generate carbon neutral power for its own energy consumption even when using the low caloric waste heat from sewage sludge. As OdySSEA can process 150 tons/day of dehydrated sewage sludge, it is expected to produce 650 kWh that exceeds own energy consumption of 550kWh . This will allow a saving of US$500,000/year for purchased power, making it possible to reduce the total operation cost of the facility by almost 30 %.  

In addition, the Optimum Air Injection System, which is a compact, simple heated air injection system developed by JFE, injects preheated air directly into the freeboard zone of the furnace through two nozzles to create a high temperature zone that enhances decomposition of the N2O formed in the combustion process. N2O, which has a significant impact on the greenhouse gas effect more than 300 times that of CO2, can be reduced effectively by the system. The OdySSEA for Kawasaki City will reduce N2O by 75 %, which is equivalent to a CO2 reduction of 7,200 tons/year compared with the conventional incineration system.

Since the Japanese government has already declared that the country will become “Carbon Neutral by 2050,” not only the Japanese government but also both the public and private sectors have accelerated their transition from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy for decarbonization. Many stakeholders in the wastewater industry have also started to explore effective solutions for reducing energy consumption in view of the huge demand for electricity for biochemical treatment processes in the sewage sector.

JFE Engineering plans to propose OdySSEA as an effective carbon neutral technology for refurbishing aging conventional incineration plants, as well as addition of the JFE High Efficiency Turbine System for waste heat recovery power generation and/or the Optimum Air Injection System at existing incineration plants currently in operation.

The company is also targeting the global market. In particular, China, the EU, and large cities in Southeast Asia will be the first focus as huge potential markets.

To date, JFE Engineering Corporation has contributed to various types of renewable energy, including waste-to-energy (WtE), geothermal, biomass, solar, and wind power not only in Japan but also in global markets. Based on our wealth of experience in the design, construction, and operation of renewable energy plants, we will continue to innovate for a better and greener “Carbon Neutral Society.”

Post time: Mar-30-2022

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