Australia backs first waste-to-hydrogen plant

The project will demonstrate the use of purified hydrogen to power a fuel cell vehicle

Australia’s first waste-to-hydrogen plant has been awarded AUD$200,000 (£112.200) by the Queensland Government.

The project, which will be developed by the cleantech startup Wildfire Energy, will use new moving injection horizontal gasification (MIHG) technology to produce hydrogen for domestic use.

It will also demonstrate the use of the purified hydrogen to power a fuel cell vehicle.

Figures suggest currently in Australia, nearly 74 million metric tonnes a year is generated and almost 27 million metric tonnes are sent to landfill.

Denis Doucet, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Wildfire Energy, commented: “Applying the MIHG waste to hydrogen solution will divert waste from landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emission and support the introduction of low-cost hydrogen into the economy.”

Post time: Feb-25-2022

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