OFU series of internally-fed rotary screens is specifically for moderate flow and low to medium solid loading. The fully enclosed compact unit includes all the essentials for trouble free screening of common wastewater streams. The cylindrical shaped screening element can be wedgewire, perforated plate on mesh. Screen openings typically range from 0.010 to 0.25 inches(250-6000 microns). The screen cylinder rotates on four wheels and it driven by TEFC motor, geardrive and corrosion resistant chain and sprocket. It has a fixed spray bar for an automatically applied cleaning shower. All the functions are economically integrated uni-body hosings. It is a durable construction in stainless steel for long term usage.



    - 304 stainless steel construction
    - Unitary body
    - TEFC motor and gear drive
    - Corrosion resistant roller chain
    - UHMW polyethylene wheels c/w internal bearings
    - Internal flights
    - External spray bar
    - Vapour enclosure
    - Integral drainage pan and solids chute


    - 316 stainless steel construction
    - Mesh Lined drum
    - Internal spray bar/wash down motor
    - Chain Oiler
    - Control panel c/w starter, spray bar timer and/or frequency drive

Method of Operation

The influent enters a headbox, extending 2/3 the length of the drum, where the flow is evenly distributed onto the sidewalls of the drum. Solids are retained on the screen surface as the liquid flows radially through the openings. Splash guards direct the liquid filtrate to a central drainage area, and the solids are transported axially, by flights, to the open end of the drum. The rotation of the drum allows the entire screening surface to be continuously or intermittently washed by a fixed external spray by fitted with a bank of the fan jet, spray nozzles.


This chart is only to be used as a guide, for specific sizing, please contact BEKEN

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