Enclosed waste heat filter cake dryer


Cold drying principle

The closed cold filter cake dryer developed by Jingjin ,using low temperature evaporation and condensation dehumidification principle, adopts convective hot air to dry the high moisture content material on the stainless steel net belt and then using the wet hot air being cooled by condensation and water removal process to achieve the purpose of drying and reducing the material. The whole machine adopts the fully enclosed modular design and the drying process has no thermal damage.


Low temperature drying and condensation dehumidification principle

The system ues air energy to cool the hot wet air from the drying oven , and the cool dry air is reheated and sent back to the drying oven. During dewatering, the latent heat of moisture condensation is recycled so as to fully recycle the energy provided by air energy systems.



System Features:

moisture content, The material is reduced by more than 80%

Own strong drying and material reducing capacity, cake moisture≤ 10%~60%, can adjusted according to the customer request .The material can be reduced by more than 80%.

1:4.2 Dehumidification rate, Far exceed industry standard

Using super high efficiency dehumidification drying process, Dehydrating ability leads the world,
Integrated dehumidification ratio is above 4.2kg.H2O/kw.h.

Heat is 100 per cent without thermal damage

Adopt closed system design + Heat recovery technique, Perfect heat utilization, No loss, high efficiency to use the system.

High performance heat preservation box body, heat is difficult to dissipate.

Perfect exceed continuous high temperature heat supply, dehumidification and heat removal of open drying equipment.

No deodorization is needed, Odorless emission

The whole equipment is designed with closed scheme, the stench can not overflow, no need to install deodorizing system.

The external equipment of dry material output adopts a closed conveyor, which ensures that the material can be delivered directly to the dry bin, avoiding the smell and overflow.

The cooling water cleaning system ensures water quality

 The system is cleaned with condensate pipe and cleaned regularly, so as to avoid the water quality deterioration caused by algae and bacteria.
The discharge of condensate COD is low and the treatment is simple

Low operation cost

Ultra-high efficient dehumidification and drying process, the operation cost is extremely low, When the user has no heat source, the moisture content of 83% moisture content is dried to 30% water content and the operating cost is low to 180kw. H/T.

In the case that the user has the heat source, the running cost is much lower.

Safe and reliable low-temperature operation

Within the system operating temperature 40-75 ℃, cold operation, oxygen content <12%,no need to be charged with nitrogen, dust concentration<60g/m³,particle temperature<70℃,
No dust and explosion danger.

The discharge temperature is below 50 degrees centigrade, which can be stored directly without having to be cooled again.

Stable and durable

Use high strength anticorrosive material, no damage, easy consumption, no mechanical wear, life is more than 15 years.

The internal cooling water pipeline is made of stainless steel, which avoids the use of ABS engineering plastics by traditional drying equipment, and the problem of aging and cracking deformation of the pipe for a long time, reduces maintenance cost and workload.

Modularity design is adaptable

Modular design, convenient installation and maintenance, small footprint.

The high performance thermal insulation box is used to completely isolate the internal and external temperature and humidity, having good good applicability

Effective sterilization

Pasteurization, The drying process is about 60-120min, effectively kill most of the pathogenic bacteria.

Enclosed waste heat filter cake dryer

Product Feature
cake≤ 10% moisture content, The material can be reduced by more than 80%.
Heat is 100 per cent without thermal damage.
No deodorant, no stinking emissions.
Stable and durable, modular design.
Thermal heat source design, operating cost is low to 50kw. H/T.
Low temperature operation, safe and reliable, no dust and explosion hazard.


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