RDF Pellet mill 2

RDF Pellet Mill will save cost of fuel for cement kilns. Saving fuel is a big concern with renewable fuels but it is not as big on the list. Rotary is a highly efficient way to fuel a small number of fuel units, compared to the long running engines of petrol and diesel. There are thousands of rotary fuel units around the country which will reduce the cost of fuel for cement kilns.

Rotary cement kilns need the alternative fuel to save cost. Rotary power generation provides a very clean source of energy which can make cement industry move down a gear. If co-fired lime kilns are put out of operation, cement industry will be in danger of total loss even though there may be other sources of energy that can supply the power. Co-fired pellet mills are becoming the best option for cement kilns.

SRF Pellet mill is best solution to save cost for co-fired rotary kilns in cement industries. However with a huge power plant such as SRF we can’t use any other solution. With the use of SRF, the energy required for CO2 injection will be more beneficial to SRF. SRF Pellet mill provides a cost-effective solution for both SRF and co-fired coppershield kilns. SRF Pellet Mill Features

Post time: Jul-23-2021

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