Sorting line

MSW treatment need good sorting line, otherwise it will waste too much energy. When your machine is used for MSW extraction or for any other processing related to your product, the quality and quantity of your MSW will be determined by the quality of your product pellets. It is up to you when it is needed and how much. Your RDF pellets will need to be processed by the RDF filter prior to extraction.

Sorting line will be necessary to make the RDF pellets of high quality. The sorting line will be made of the parts of parts and that of pieces, that is, the pieces will be separated at one or the other level until only a portion of a piece is left intact. This sorting is performed with a pulley, it is a process that is very simple in operation. It takes less time then sorting for bulk items and is effective.

SRF Pellets consist of plastic, paper, cardboard. All pellet is in a plastic sleeve, some are in plastic wrapping. A sample of SRF pellets is a big pile. This pellet is a high quality, full capacity pellets for commercial use, which are made from bio-sourced materials while being less destructive to the environment that traditional pellets is the majority of the pellets used.

RPF pellets in japan are good way to treat the MSW instead of landfill. If this website gives you trouble We are looking for volunteers, so if you are interested in this project, just answer the survey below. We are now recruiting volunteers to help us make the 3m2 enclosure and the small garden.

Post time: Jul-23-2021

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