The pyrolysis platform is a flexible, clean, and high performance waste-to-energy system capable of converting a multitude of solid and liquid wastes into useable heat and electricity.
The system can handle both solid combustibles, and liquid waste streams, providing the opportunity to eliminate a wide variety of waste through a single process. The use of pyrolysis reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills by 85-90%, while solely producing ashes as a residual material, which amounts to barely 10-15% of the initial mass of the waste.
The platform has a minimum lifespan of 20 years, built to operate 24 hours a day, and contains all the required turn-key system components for pyrolysis gas cleansing and emissions control abatement compliant with EPA and IED environmental regulations.

Recycling of metals, glass, aggregate and oversize constituents
Pre-processing to Refuse-Derived- Fuel (RDF)

RDF heated to 800-900°C
Generation of pyrolysis gas «syngas»
Pyrolysis gas cleansing & cooling  to produce a clean burn combustible gaseous fuel
The pyrolysis gas fuels a gas engine generator set for electricity generation and heat recovery for hydronic heating
Char is the sole solid reject
Products can be recovered from the char (post pyrolysis) for reuse, recycling or
resale. For example metals which have been encased in plastic, or compounds
that can be reclassified as a product.

Heat Recovery
Output can be used for process heat, steam / hot water generation, etc.
In the form of hot water, steam or thermal oil heating

Built to function 24/7 at a 90% operating rate (7884 hours/year)
Minimum lifespan of 20 years
Conform to IED (Industrial Emissions Directive)
Output produced is solely carbon char and ashes (only 10-15% of initial mass)

Accepted Inputs – Solid Combustibles
Municipal Waste, Construction and Demolition Waste (CDR), Non-Recyclable Plastics, Organic Muds, Animal Carcass Shreds, Biomedical Waste, Bio-Solid Sludge, Tire Shreds, Hazmat


Accepted Inputs – Liquid Waste Streams
Oil Sludge, Oil & Latex Paints, Organic Solvents, Anti-Freeze, Transformer Fluid, Organic Refrigerants and Propellants, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) – Pesticides & Herbicides.

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