Nesher-Israel Cement Enterprises applies for licence to increase alternative fuel use

Nesher-Israel Cement Enterprises has applied to the Environmental Protection Ministry for permission to replace petcoke in the kiln lines of its 5.0Mt/yr integrated Ramla cement plant in Central District with increased refuse-derived fuels (RDF) volumes. The Times of Israel has reported that the company has also applied for a relaxed emissions licence permitting higher metal levels than it may currently emit. Environmental advocacy organisation Adam Teva V’Din said that the Ramla plant’s emissions exceeded permitted mercury levels on 19 occasions in the first half of 2019. The organisation said that a permit of the kind applied for by Nesher-Israel Cement Enterprises would violate the Clean Air Act. The company said, “The intake of alternative raw materials and alternative fuels takes place only after rigorous laboratory tests to ensure conformity of the material to both the production process and regulatory requirements.”

Post time: Feb-01-2021