Hemp Drying

When drying hemp biomass for extraction, we see many different types of technology available.
But, are there any studies on these methods?
Of course! Many aren’t aware of this, but many traditional methods for drying biomass can actually damage hemp!
Here is a study by the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).


The one method of drying biomass not mentioned is CONTINUOUS CONVEYOR Dryers.
Why is this?
Because this technology is used in the FOOD INDUSTRY!
Our team of manufacturers are Food Grade Certified! But, that’s not the point!
When drying Hemp, the goal is the least amount of degradation as possible!
What causes degradation?
Temperature, Time, and Agitation!
Our systems are controlled by a highly sophisticated interface that monitors all the moisture removed from the plants at LOW TEMPERATURES to ensure you are not losing precious cannabinoids and terpenes!
There is so much more we can tell you about our dryers…
Why don’t you schedule a time to come see for yourself?! Come out to our manufacturing facility in KY and see just how me make all our equipment! No smoke and mirrors here!
We can custom build a dryer to fit YOUR NEEDS.
500 lbs per hour? Done!
6,000 lbs per hour? Done!
Contact us today to get your system ordered!
Discounts available! Financing and Leasing options available!
(PHOTO: GHS3000LB6L60)

Many are not aware that when you #process #hemp using #decortication and #separation, you create the following: hurd, long technical fibers, short fibers (non woven), and dust!
If we focus on processing only for hurd or only for fiber, we miss out on so much more the plant has to offer!
The only hurdle is having the proven technology that can process the hemp and give you a usable product at each stage of processing consistently, and with volume
Global Hemp Solutions has the ⚙technology and are planning for operations to begin in 2021.
With the business models designed to pay farmers upon delivery, we should see some amazing relief to our farming community
In this photo, you see one of our baling systems with buffer compress long fiber bales ready for the customer. One of our facilities can produce 20,000 tons of technical fiber per year!
This will also leave you with 44,000 tons of Hemp #Hurd, 7,000 tons of #shortfiber (#nonwoven), and 2,000 of hemp dust!


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